5 wearable technologies aiming at improving our daily lives
11 November 2015

Smartwatches and fitness trackers have entered the market and they are slowly entering our own lives. They are becoming some beautiful tech gadgets that also look exactly like the watches that you would normally buy with a lot more abilities.

1. Jawbone UP3

Jawbone’s UP3 is a fitness tracker that comes in 6 different colours - black, red, grey silver, white gold, blue and dark green. It allows you to track your daily activities, such as how much distance you covered, how many steps you took as well as how many calories you burned. It automatically captures how many hours you slept as well as how good your sleep quality was. It also allows you to track how many calories you consumed in a day. It is a beautiful fitness tracker, which costs approximately $180.

2. Fitbit Flex

Fitbit Flex is also a fitness tracker that gives you almost the same abilities as Jawbone’s UP3. Their differences are that Flex is also water resistant and it also allows you to invite your friends and family to compete with you on the leaderboard. It also gives you the ability to sync their stats from your wrist to your smartphone or your computer. Finally, it comes in 10 different colours and it costs a lot less: $99.95.

3. Samsung Gear 2 neo

Samsung Gear 2 neo is a smartwatch that allows you to monitor your heart rate, control your music, receive notifications, accept calls and have personalised real-time workout info with recommendations on your future workout based on your needs. It is water resistant, its battery lasts for approximately 2 days (also depends on your usage). Allows you to control your music on your wrist and works with Google Play music, with a great display. It is compatible with 17 different Samsung Android devices and the list promises to expand.

4. Apple Watch

As the name declares, this is a smartwatch designed by Apple. It is suitable for both men and women and comes in 3 different styles. The normal, the sport and the edition. Each of these styles, consists of several designs, which are priced according to the materials they are made. Their prices for the 3 styles are starting from $349 for the sport, $594 for the normal and $10,000 for the 18-karat edition styles. Having said that, let’s see what its capabilities are. It is great as it allows you to see and control your notifications, as well as payments, as Apple Pay works on your wrist! You can use Siri’s voice commands. You can also send messages, translate words, measure your heart rate, as well as your infant’s heart rate and send messages to your doctor with your data and wait for his reply on how good your baby is doing.

5. Pebble steel

This is a smartwatch that is both Android and iOS compatible. It is available in 2 colours, silver and black. It allows you to control your music and receive your phone’s emails, text and calls on your wrist. Its battery lasts for 7 days and charges quite fast. Its brightness adjusts accordingly, making its text readable whatever the lightning of your current place is. Getting it straight from Pebble’s website now allows you to get 10% off your next buy by subscribing to their emails and it also has free shipping worldwide! Its non discounted price is €179.99.

As you may have already seen, smartwatches and fitness trackers can improve our lives in a lot of areas including healthcare, fitness, as well as our personal life and activities, making it even easier to interact with people and improve in all terms with a look that almost matches the normal watches' look.


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