Cool gadgets to get your friends & family for Christmas 2015
08 December 2015

As Christmas is approaching, we have found and suggest some of the most interesting, useful and fun gadgets as your Christmas gift to your friends or family members.

Backbeat Fit by plantronics

Backbeat Fit are wireless headphones, that can be connected to your device via the means of Bluetooth. They are both Android and iOS compatible and they come in two different colour combinations; black with green and black with light blue. They cost $129.99, are easy to set up and the battery lasts for up to 8 hours of audio listening. They are waterproof, which makes them perfect for gym use - this is what they are designed for anyway - with controls of the audio on the sides. It is also great for drivers, as it also has a built-in microphone, which allows you to make phone calls too.

BB-8 by Sphero

This is a new robot trend that has made the UK to go crazy. It is a Star Wars themed drone that aims to become a friend of yours. Using the BB-8 Android or iOS mobile application you can control the movement of the robot, or speak to it because it accepts voice commands. Its attitude and actions evolve as you interact with it and makes expressions whenever it feels like it, thus its personality is adaptive. Its price? $149.99.

JBL Charge 2 & Charge 2+ speakers
Both speakers are wireless, can be connected with your device (Android or iOS) via the means of bluetooth so that you can play your smartphone’s music and hear it straight through the speakers. Charge 2 costs $99, while charge 2+ costs $149.95. Their differences are that charge 2+ is splashproof, and it also comes with more colour options.


DM007 RC Quadcopter

This is a flying drone with a camera for picture and video taking. The the camera’s quality is 2MP, it comes with a remote controller for controlling the movement of the drone and a flight can last for 6-8 minutes. The controller also contains a screen showing the camera view of the drone. It has a multi-angle crash protection cover. It is suitable for everyone over the age of 14 and costs $57.


We are sure that your beloved ones will love these gadgets! Have fun picking and buying your gifts! 

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