28 July 2015

The world of domains is a tricky business. There are countless different types of individual domains available on the internet, but many of them fail to provide the right type of audience to their domain owners. Recently, changes to the Top Level Domain and .wiki arena have been made. One such dramatic change is the introduction to .wiki into the new gTLD program. This is exciting news for domain users who are interested in domain registration with dot wiki but have not reached out because of their outsider status. Let’s look into what domain registration can mean for you and your business.​

The Advantages of .wiki domain registration

Soon, millions of web domains will turn into billions of domain names, and to help categorize these domains a new form of website listing will be born. Dot wiki addresses will symbolize that a website provides specific information about their chosen niche topic. If, for example, you specialize in infrastructure information your website could be given the .wiki to categorize it. Depending upon your personal preference, you can choose to add .wiki to your website.

Make your gTLD top level

Instead of fighting for the perfect domain you will now be able to register your domain name as a top level domain. This will enable website search engines to easily find you amongst all the other companies that may share a similar name to your current one. It also makes it very easy to sell other domain names within the dot wiki arena for a quick and easy profit.

Branding Possibilities

If you are struggling to properly brand your website you can now easily do so with .wiki domain registration. Your customers will feel more comfortable trusting your brands if they know you are a legitimate organization. This can transfer over to other websites within your domain and therefore help your customers easily find the information they are looking for.

To learn more about .wiki, head over to the b3website to discover what you can expect from this new innovative technology.

.wiki domain registration

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