Google Invents 4 New Types of Online Ads for Marketers + Email List Targeting
26 October 2015

When it comes to online marketing and advertisements, each and every one of us knows that Google is an authority. Marketers have adopted the Google Search but also GMail and YouTube as the ultimate platforms where marketing really pays off and with so much content going on nowadays, there is a tremendous leverage to the opportunities set by the growth of mobile devices in the physical world.

Apart from the fact that advertising is made easier and extremely more targeted, we must understand that we are living in a world that is connected more than ever- in a fast and reliable way. Using the Internet at only few 'taps' away, contacting people we don't know and connecting with every brand authority through social networks has reshaped the physical world to a high-level experience.

However, Google does not stop there. As the Google Ads shown us how effective it is, it took the pride of reinventing the online marketplace for advertising, and again does it - with the introduction of its new tool called Google Customer Match. And that is the first one of the new set of Google tools we are going to talk about today.

  1. 'Customer Match' - targeting emails has never been easier

 So, what does Customer Match do?

This amazing tool allows you to upload a list of emails which can be afterwards identified by the tool itself with the help of the already signed-in users on Google - obviously, in a safe way. And once you upload the emails, the targeting is easy  and goes in many forms - from creating to deploying campaigns and seeing how they fit your audience.

The 'Similar Audiences' is yet another feature in this new tool that takes all the similar interests in the people's emails you target and lets you create unique email messages for their particular interests, demographics or characteristics. This is an essential feature that is definitely going to set the bar higher when it comes to email conversion, overcoming the expectations of every user with a right message sent in the best way possible.

  1. Click-To-Buy Product Pop-Ups Within (Yours or Others) YouTube Videos

The generic YouTube ads which you have certainly witnessed during your video search are going to be redeveloped and modified. Google invented special product cards in which we will be able to make a click-to-buy decision within partner videos on YouTube. So, whether the videos on your channels are owned by you, restored or not at all owned, marketers now are able to transform them in a digital shop.

This definitely adds up to the rise of mCommerce (mobile commerce) and is a tremendous revenue stream opportunity for marketers, brands and influencers - and normally, YouTube in the end. Ditching the conventional 'check the link below in the description bar', with this tool - we'll be able to shop while watching the video.

  1. 'Universal App Campaigns' - The Stepping Stone of Mobile App Marketing with Google Services

Mobile apps are now more immersive than ever, especially on Android. And that is why Google has found a way to promote each app on various channels - with the invention of the new 'Universal App Campaigns' promotional tool. This thing is designed to reach the audience in many ways, whether it is the Google Search, Google Play, YouTube or the Google Display Network.

In only a few steps, this tool can be installed - and even when it's working, Google will find the best images, videos and descriptions to generate new ads that tailor to the app you are using within the Google network.

  1. Google and YouTube vs. Your (Potential) Customers

Google may transform your potential customers to existing long-term ones in no time. Whether a person sees your brand or interacts with its promotional offers in any possible way, he or she will most probably search your business online. It's simply how the things go nowadays.

Google understands this, and has allowed many advertisers to understand the brands better when they are entered into Google Search - and applied this amazing feature on YouTube officially.

This means that now, video has established its form as one of the best levels of quantity and quality and definitely a similar thing as a Google Search Result. YouTube searches now matter as a part of the search for your brand, industry or product and adding the video search content by Google's side is definitely a ground breaker here - compared to the traditional information only being present at Google and the other search engines.

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