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07 August 2015

As of 2014’s statistics, there are over 3.5 billion unique active mobile users. This number aims to double by 2020. There are a lot of mobile-first startups, due to the fact that the target groups are usually everyone, and almost everyone - if not everyone -  has a mobile device.

Mobile devices have not only helped startup companies to get started though. In the past few years a lot of different areas have been advertised, promoted and developed through the means of mobile devices. This includes:

  • Mobile Applications (Games, Messaging systems etc..)
  • mCommerce (Mobile Commerce)
  • Emerging Devices And Platforms
  • Mobile Health
  • Mobile Payments And Banking

All these areas have been improved so much with a lot of payments being made through mobile devices, emerging markets investing in mobile technology and skipping the web technologies, mobile-first startups becoming worth of multi billions within five years and mobile health systems increasing dramatically, making mobile health a big and interesting chapter to mobile apps.

Except for these areas, we as individuals have improved the way that we perform several tasks by replacing the old with mob:


With the power of the Internet and several mobile applications that exist, not only you can message someone, but you can also call, and even video call, making communication with people living at different places of the world easier than ever!


Using your calendar that is synced with several devices that you use has always been effective. Scheduling meetings and placing reminders has replaced the old traditional paper calendars that you were sometimes forgetting at home.


Travelling has never been easier than now. Using your device’s maps and routes you can travel anywhere in the world with ease and no danger of getting lost.

Commerce and Retail

With mobile devices allowing you to search for products, adds to your shopping experience. Buying your clothes, or booking your holidays from your device is something that can be easily done these days.


Replacing the computer games, mobile games are at their best! Over 50% of mobile device users are dedicated gamers, with “Angry Birds 2” being at the top of the top app charts of free applications in Cyprus at the moment.

Health and wellness

There are multiple mobile applications related to health and wellness. This may be a personal trainer, instructing you, or a tracker of your heartbeat while you run. A lot of people are using apps to calculate the length of their run and get an estimation of the calories they have burnt. With the use of all the sensors and the wearables that exist, this is an area that will be improved dramatically in the following years.

As it is obvious, mobile is now at its best and more is yet to come! Thanks to all these developers for building awesome apps and to all of us for using and supporting them.

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