Why is social media important for my business?
21 August 2015

Social media nowadays is not anymore about being in with all the new trends. Instead, it is about understanding and learning from what other people think of your product, platform, service or any type of business you run transformed in a digital presence. The truth is, many businesses have finally found their way to success with just embracing the social view and thoughts to their image from the side of the audience and therefore discovered endless ways to contribute to growth.

But why social media is important for your business in a precise way?

1. It makes you learn about your customers and connect with the audience

As we said, a successful business needs to know its audience well and a main benefit of this is the social aspect - or in other words, the great leverage that we can rely on - social media. Understanding the major demographics and patterns of the customer behaviors has been made easier, with the endless digital tools that help us understand the specific needs of the customers in general.

2. Reach new audiences both locally and globally

Let's say you run a brewery with amazing local beer. Tweeting about it, posting pics or even mentioning the local audience who regularly visits you brewery can make it attractive to tourists and other visitors as well. It's simple - by offering a value to the online audience, social media helps any business to engage and nurture the existing fans, while opting out to new fan bases.

3. Improve the customer service

You've seen it, we've seen it - today, social media is all about interaction. Big brands like Coca Cola, McDonalds, Walmart etc. know how to use this in a proper way. Interacting with the fans in real time gives any brand instan access to feedback and this is only the beginning of a new insight towards the brand itself.

4. Establish relationships and opt out to lead generation

Once you attract a fan, engage it into your business and make him or her feel satisfied, it is highly likely he will come back for more. And not only that, but he will also share the experience he had with your brand - something that started from a simple social media recognition. This is an example of how great the B2C online relationships can be for creating meaningful relationships and also generating new leads.


To wrap things up, social media is nowadays an essential channel to engage with - whether it's a small business or a big brand, social reputation is acknowledged as many other things nowadays and being a trusted online resource with great social efforts always adds up to the experience of nothing but a great brand that knows how to deal with its customers.

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