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Discounts and Coupons

Businesses occasionally offer promotions for their products at a discounted price as a strategy to increase sales. The kinds of discounts a business may offer may vary greatly, from a simple, Employee 20% Discount, to a more complex Buy 2 get the 3rd 50% off Discount. B3's restaurant system is equipped to handle a wide range of these kinds of discounts, all which will be set up in the platform for use on your online ordering website.

Food Modifiers

Modifiers in B3's restaurant system are mainly used to give options to your client when ordering online. Modifiers are meant to modify how a particular Product is sold, either by:

  • Attaching additional Products to the original Product (e.g. adding a side to an entrée),
  • Adding other items to a Product (e.g. add avocado to a sandwich),
  • Providing variations of the Product (e.g. white vs. wheat bread, 8oz. vs. 12 oz.),
  • Including instructions on how the Product is to be prepared (e.g. raw, medium, well-done steak).
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